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Prague Hotels Terms of Service

Hotel Room Types
The room types used by Prague-Hotels.org.uk are as follows:

Single room: Contains one single bed. Suitable for one person.
Twin room: Contains two single beds in the same room. Suitable for two people.
Double room: Contains one double bed. Suitable for one or two people.
Triple room: Three single beds, one of which may be a pull down or roll away bed, in the same room. Suitable for three people.
Twin room for sole use: Contains two single beds or one double bed in the same room, to be occupied by one person.
Extra bed: suitable for a child under the age of 18 years.
Cot, cradle or crib: Cot, cradle or crib suitable for a child under the age of two years.

Hotel and Apartment Descriptions and Information
Prague-Hotels.org.uk does not endorse or recommend any particular hotel. Reasonable care has been taken that the content of this website is correct but it is subject to alteration at any time without notice. All content on this website is published in good faith but you acknowledge that Prague-Hotels.org.uk as booking agent cannot check the accuracy of all information provided by hotels and apartments.

You confirm that you are at least 18 years of age. All bookings are personal to you and may not be sold, assigned or otherwise transferred.

Customer Service
Our privacy statement is incorporated into these terms. From time to time we may randomly record telephone calls as a security measure and to improve customer service click here for privacy policy.

Passport, visa and health requirements for you and your party are your responsibility. You are strongly recommended to obtain travel insurance against cancellation and for medical cover.

Any complaint about the booking service must be notified to Prague-Hotels.org.uk in writing or by email as soon as possible. Any complaint regarding the hotel must be brought to the attention of the hotel management as early as possible during your stay and, if not resolved to your satisfaction, should be notified to Prague-Hotels.org.uk in writing.

Prague-Hotels.org.uk does not accept liability for any exclusions or errors and reserves the right at any time to change information published on the site.

Prague-Hotels.org.uk does not accept liability for any loss either indirect or consequential that may arise from the use of or connected with the Prague-Hotels.org.uk website or for any products or services purchased from the Prague-Hotels.org.uk website.

Cancellations to confirmed bookings are subject to the following conditions:
Any cancellation to a reservation for which we have sent you a booking confirmation, must be made in writing to prague-hotels.org.uk via the prague-hotels.org.uk website - also by email to: [email protected].

Any cancellation received by prague-hotels.org.uk after we have confirmed your booking and before the date on which you are booked to arrive at the accommodation where either the number of rooms (irrespective of room type) or the number of nights decreases will be charged as below:

Cancellations: (Notice period Charges)
From the moment you receive the confirmation until 72 hours after you have received the confirmation.
15% of the total amount charged
(Please note that prague-hotels.org.uk is not responsible for any bank fees your bank may charge you for using your credit card)

After 72 hours of receiving a confirmation from Prague-hotels.org.uk or after your credit card has been charged until 3 days prior to arrival
15% of the total amount charged
(Please note that prague-hotels.org.uk is not responsible for any bank fees your bank may charge you for using your credit card)

Within 3 days of arrival
15% of the total amount or the price of one full night which ever the greater.
(Please note that prague-hotels.org.uk is not responsible for any bank fees your bank may charge you for using your credit card)

If you do not arrive at the accommodation on the date on which you are booked to arrive or you leave the accommodation earlier than the date on which you booked to leave, then you will only be entitled to cancel or amend the booking from the time when Prague-hotels.org.uk receives notification from you during Prague-hotels.org.uk (Monday - Friday 09:30 to 18:00 CET).

All such cancellations are subject to you incurring the charge for the next twenty-four hours accommodation after Prague-hotels.org.uk receives your notification.

Cancellations notified directly to the hotel will not be effective. Requests for cancellations must be made in writing via the Prague-hotels.org.uk website - or by email to [email protected], and the date of receipt of such written cancellation shall be deemed the date of cancellation.

If apartment bookings are cancelled after mid-day on the first day of the stay or if the guest does not arrive Prague-hotels.org.uk shall bill as follows:

(i) For stays of less than seven nights, the cost of one night's stay.
(ii) For stays of between seven and twenty seven nights, the cost of two night's stay.
(iii) For stays exceeding twenty seven nights, the cost of three nights stay.

Change to Booking Terms
Prague-Hotels.org.uk reserves the right to change these terms from time to time.

Your booking is governed by Czech law and is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the czech courts. The booking confirmation and these terms represent the entire agreement between Prague-Hotels.org.uk and you. You confirm that you have not entered into the contract with Prague-Hotels.org.uk on the basis of any representation not expressly incorporated into these documents.

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The use of the Prague-Hotels.org.uk website is conditional upon your acceptance, without modification, of all the terms and conditions which can be found on the "Terms of Service" page of the Prague-Hotels.org.uk Your continued use of this site indicates your acceptance of these terms.

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